Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yarn is like crack for old ladies

In keeping with Savanah's remark to my sister, Karen, and I about our addiction to all things yarn, here are a few projects that we've worked on and am working on ~

1. The first one is a baby's blanket in a simple basket weave pattern. I'm going to line one side of the blanket with a soft material. I'm finished except for the lining.

2. The second project is called Babette's Blanket, from a crochet pattern printed in Interweave Crochet. The photo of the finished product is from Interweave. We are just starting. The basket contains some of what we've done so far. Karen and I are doing this blanket together. She's a much faster crocheter than I am, but I'm a better weave-in-the-ends person. :)

3. This is an Entrelac Scarf I finished about six weeks ago. It was a bit of a challenge for me, so I was proud that I was able to come up with a finished project.

4. And, finally, a beanie I knitted for the little round-headed boy, Mason. Odds are that it won't fit by this winter, but it's his anyway.

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  1. the good thing about knitting is that it's nice & stretchy! i'm sure the hat will fit just fine when it gets cold enough for it :-)