Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meaner's Grandkids Get the Best of Her

I've been nagging Karen to bring over some of the finished projects she's made her great-grandbabies in the past. Here are some photos of a few things she made for great-grandson, Conner (who is a chip off the old block and could legitimately be dubbed "Meanerest" or "Lil' Mean").

This first one is just a-fricking-dorable. A little sherpa hat and jacket Karen crocheted for Lil' Mean before we knew how onery he was going to turn out to be (not that it would have made any difference -- Karen would have made them anyway).

The second one is a cool little baby blanket, stitched with a lot of love for the little begger.

And, finally, a flannel cowboy throw that Karen says he still drags around. I love the finishing touch of his name and the date embroidered on the blankie.