Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Since you last joined us ...

The sisters got together at Ms. Yolie's house for another knitting session. Well ... actually we really got together to see this little one ~

Meet, Daveena Honey, future Knit Sister

We did a little knitting, Laurie a lot of untangling, Ms. Yolie some organizing, and Meaner gave crochet instructions to Sue.

Doesn't Sarah look like the Knitting Madonna? Don't let that calm, cool demeanor fool you. She's as feisty as the rest of us.

But, mostly, it was all about Daveena, who, as you can see, got a little tired of the attention.

Since our last gathering as Knit Sisters, Maureen, the official Non-Knitter sister, and I joined Ms. Yolie at Pismo Coast Village where Yolie did some knitting around the campfire. A serious knitter will have one of these ~