Sunday, November 8, 2009

Together Again

It's been awhile since I've posted a blog entry, but we've been busy, busy, busy with Dia de los Muertos. Time to put the dead to rest and get back to the unique creativity that winter and knitting provides.

Karen made this lovely mint green baby blanket for her great grandchild, who is not here yet, but will be soon. She's making a sweater to match. I'll post a photo of that when it is finished ~

I'm still working on my son's afghan from the Babette's blanket pattern.

Yolanda has a scheme to get us together this coming Thursday to all start a "Design your own sweater" in the round, based on a video she watched at at Easy Knitting Design.

I look forward getting together with the sisters again.

Nonknitters can think what they will about the value of knitting on earth, but know this: No knitter will ever depart the earth without leaving evidence behind.
~The Yarn Whore