Monday, June 15, 2009

Releasing ain't easy

For the inexperienced knitter, letting go of a finished product isn't easy. The hours and hours that you spend with the project seems to instill in you the right to keep everything you make, even if it is something you have absolutely no use for in your own life. This baby blanket, for example ~

I decided not to go with the leopard print lining as I had planned in my previous entry, opting instead for a traditional "girl baby" color.

I had to hand sew the lining on to the blanket. First, my sewing machine is on the blink, and second, I thought it might look a little better. Hopefully, the stitches will hold up to actual use. It's actually quite small. By the time the weather is cool enough for a blankie of this heft, it may be good for nothing more than changing a diaper on.

Other than the smallness, I was pleased with the final result. And, since "Mommy" showed proper pleasure with the gift, releasing wasn't as hard as it could have been.

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