Friday, June 19, 2009

Chevron Scarf

I finished knitting a small version of the Chevron Scarf (recipe below). It became tedious knitting for me, but thankfully I attend to even more tedious things that require me to sit and listen, so out comes the knitting needles ~

I plan on knitting a pair of fingerless mittens out of the same yarns. They won't take nearly as long as the scarf.

As promised, here's the recipe:

Chevron Scarf

This scarf can be done in two widths, the small scarf is 4 ¼ inches wide and the large is 5 1/2 inches. Both are 78 inches long.
Yarn: Two 300 yd. skeins of contrasting fingering weight yarn. Do NOT try to match the yarns – make sure that there is a LOT of contrast. If the yarns “match” you won’t be able to see the chevron pattern.

Needles: US 5 straights or circular

CO 36 (48).

With Color A do 4 rows of Reverse Stockinette. (Purl one row, knit one row, purl one row, knit one row.)

With Color B:

Row 1 – K2tog 3x (4x), K f&b 6x (8x), K2tog 6x (8x), K f&b 6x (8x), K2tog 3x (4x).
Row 2 – Purl

With Color A:

Row 3 – Knit
Row 4 – Purl

Repeat Rows 1 through 4 until scarf is 77 inches long or until you are sick of knitting, whichever comes first.

End with Color A – 4 rows of Reverse Stockinette.

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