Monday, June 29, 2009

The Sisters Finish Their Blankies

When I think about when we started this project, I'm a little amazed that we tore through the building blocks and piecing together so fast. Maybe it's because Karen and I were doing this together. Maybe we spurred each other on. At any rate, we are done with "mostly" the same blanket. Here's Karen's Babette Blanket ~

Both Karen and I redid one or two blocks to better fit the project. Karen's blanket has a more colorful border. First she single crocheted with black and then two rows of double crochet with lime green and pink. Her border really pops!

Here's my version of the blanket. A bit more subdued, with one row of double crochet in tan.

Karen wasn't as impressed as I was with our accomplishment. I guess that's because she's a far better crocheter than I, but personally I think we deserve medals. (I guess it should be pointed out that I think we deserve medals for any finished project, but that's just me.)

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  1. They are equally beautiful. Kudos to you both.