Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Not a Knitter's Project

When we last wrote, we reported on a project by Terry Foley. Remember? Here's the photo we posted ~

To fully appreciate this post, you have to know a little about Terry. Terry doesn't knit. At least, that's what she claims. She also doesn't cook, even though many of us have been the beneficiary of her famous butter cookies at Christmas, her wonderful roasted vegetables, and other culinary delights. She doesn't cook.

She also doesn't exercise, even though she has hauled my not insubstantial ass out of bed and to the Bakersfield College football stadium to climb stairs and walk the track.

Terry is a contrare. If she were an Iroquois she would walk backwards, like the character in "Little Big Man." Whatever she says she doesn't do, she might do, but she doesn't want anyone relying on her cooking, her knitting, or her exercise, so she claims she doesn't do those things. There are other things she doesn't do, except when she does them and does them so well that people are often left in awe (like speeches and writing and legal crap).

Terry is a natural giver. She likes to "make stuff" for other people. Her cookies, for instance. She doesn't eat them, but she loves to make them for others. I blame much of my own tonnage on her cookies.

Anyway, Terry's project was borne of her desire to do something nice for someone else, even though she doesn't knit. She came to my house many evenings to not knit with me. She worked and worked on her project, enlisting me occasionally to fix a problem or give advice.

She had a vision in mind. I didn't think it would work out. I thought the colors were all wrong, the concept loopy, but as she kept not knitting and acquiring the material to complete the project, I started to nod my head and think, "this just might be cool."

The project took a long time because not knitting is a laborious process with a lot of pissing and moaning along the way. And, it requires that you do other things you don't do, like not crocheting and not hand-sewing a lining onto a knitted item.

By this time, I'm really enthusiastic about the project and think to myself, "Self, Terry's friend will be getting a heirloom. I hope she appreciates that she is the beneficiary of a rare item made by a not knitter."

Here is the finished product: Terry's lovely baby blanket, knitted in a basket weave pattern, lined with a very soft valour pink material with monkey design, all in the colors the mother to be wanted.


  1. wow. that. is. stunning. particularly for a not knitter.

  2. This is an amazing blanket. You're not knitting and not hand sewing have left me in awe.

  3. As the soon-to-be recipient of this blanket, I must say, I am completely astounded! It is beautiful, and I can't believe how much work she put into it! I am very excited and feel very honored to be getting such an amazing gift! I'm sure it'll be the baby's favorite blanket!

  4. Thanks for your comments, ladies. Tiffany, my granddaughter was eyeing that blanket with a great deal of envy.