Thursday, June 10, 2010

Magic at Mid-Morning

These are the kinds of things that kids get to play on at parks today. Even at 62 and way too big for small entrances, they seem to call to me to be climbed on -- almost a magical draw. I don't know who I was lamenting to about the playground equipment of yesteryear, but In My Day (imagine air quotes around those words), we had rickety old merry-go-rounds, even ricketier teeter-totters (you don't see those anymore), swings and rings, and monkey bars. I think playgrounds in the '50s were a rite of passage. They were real character builders if you survived the equipment and the bullies. If you went to the park, you were going to come home injured, even if it was only blisters on your hands from the monkey bars.

Yolanda brought her grandson, Nick, to Knitting in the Park. I think he spent a fair amount of time in the magical tower before becoming bored with it. Nick was pretty low key today. Usually, he's a font of entertainment. As my mother would have said, "he's a caution!" I've always taken that to mean a combination of mischief and fun. Being a caution is a badge of honor. Boring people are never cautions.

Maybe he was just overwhelmed by the abundance of women with sharp instruments, because he was definitely off his game.

Here's Karen working on yet another cardigan from some lovely multi-colored, nubby, yarn. She said the yarn reminded her of the Bible story of Joseph and his coat of many colors.

Terry working on a soft and yummy baby blanket for a friend's little girl due in August. It's in a basket weave pattern and she's going to line it with a soft velour type material. A photo of the finished product will definitely be posted when she's done. I'm posting this here as proof that T does, despite her protestations, knit.

This photo tells it all as to Sherry's thoughts on knitting: It's all Greek to her! She just joins us for the joy of sitting outdoors on a perfectly beautiful day.

Savanah dropped by also, but I didn't get a photo of her. Next time!

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  1. Very nice post Linda. I didn't see you take one of these pictures. Boy are you good. Love the story about Nic. When Nic came back from the Basketball courts he told me that the other kids there said they where playing full court. When I asked him are you sure? he said my brain told they were? I think he's been around us to long! Great Day in the Park.