Thursday, May 13, 2010

Savanah in Blue Cardigan

Savanah in her new blue cardigan ~

The pattern for this cardigan is found in Paton's Next Steps Three Create Your Own Cardigan booklet 500838DD. The photo of the cardigan and the instructions for the cardigan don't jibe, especially the collar. If you make the collar the way the instructions direct, it is much, much larger than what the photo shows. Also, while I love the finished product, the booklet is not easy to follow. You have to go to one page for the basic back, another page for the fronts, another for the sleeves, and then back to figure out the damn collar. I goofed up on the number of stitches to do for the front bands, but if it had turned out perfectly, I would have made the knitting gods mad at me.

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