Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Mean, Meaner, Suzan, and Lauri all met today for Knitting in the Park today. The weather was perfect. We got to see some wild parrots, escapees from a long ago wind storm that loosed hundreds of rare birds out of their cages. The brilliant green flitting around was a fun sight.

I decided to just take a few photos of hands at work ~

These are Meaner's hands working on a beautiful claret cardigan.

These hands are Lauri's, crocheting an intricate doily pattern. It was discovered that Lauri is great at crocheting, but bad at math. (Me too.)

Suzan working on a baby blanket for a newcomer to the world.

Notice Suzan's hands reflected off her glasses. I really love this photo.

It was great to see Suzan before she leaves for Europe on Saturday. One of her biggest packing concerns has been which knitting project(s) to take. I understand that dilemma.


  1. I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait until I can meet with everyone.

  2. Great shots Linda!! WAnted to make it, but Katie and I were doing some step-work. Next time!

  3. I had a wonderful time! I went to Beverly's and bought a book....books on knitting, yarn, needles, and those things Suzan had (they looked fun).