Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Girls' Knitting Club Winter Break Gathering

Here are some photos from our pre-winter break meeting with the Girls' Knitting Club. Presents were handed out to them from the Knit Sisters and presents were received from them by those of us who have spent the last several Wednesday afternoons teaching them to knit.

Goodie bags loaded into the sleigh.

The next several photos are of hands casting on and knitting. We weren't allowed to photograph the girls' faces.





We got presents too! A lovely mug, some spicy tea, a ginger cookie and candy canes!

I know I can speak for all of the Knit Sisters when I say this was a fun and rewarding project. Patty B. found some fun gloves to put in the girls' goodie bags. They were a tremendous hit. Also a big hit was the hot chocolate provided by Gail M., the notepads provided by Terry F., the Christmas socks provided by Penni S., and the yarn and needles provided by all of us.

One of the little girls was trying to knit wearing her new gloves. I don't know how successful she was, but she did not want to take off the gloves. Another girl spent a fair amount of time trying to figure the best future opportunity for her to have her hot chocolate. Would it be this weekend or would she save it for Christmas morning? Maybe we'll find out when we go back after the first of the year.

Mrs. Hudgins, the teacher in charge of the class, also learned to knit and worked side by side with the girls. When you are in a circle of knitters, everyone is equal. Patty pointed out to the girls that they were doing what thousands of women have done before them when they sit together and knit: knit and talk, knit and talk, knit and talk.

It was lovely!


  1. Absolutely lovely!!! Words can not express the gratitude I have for what you've given us all :-) I thank Tai for marrying Mike, who was born from a woman with such a beautiful spirit!! You and the Knit Sisters ROCK! Like a MOUNTAIN!

  2. WOW, I like the that! ROCK Like a MOUNTAIN!!! Ya I can roll with that!!
    What the Girls Club has given me is the reminder to slow down & appreciate the small stuff. Sometimes it's the small stuff that turns out to be bigger than I could ever have imagined.
    Girls Rock!!!
    Patty B

  3. I am with Patty. Since I have no children, this is such a wonderful experience for me. Since I started knitting at their age,and so have been knitting for xx no. of years, it is so fun to give back. I hope some take the gift and enjoy it for ever. Thank you Linda for getting all of this started.


  4. This was quite a day brightener :)
    It is very fun to be able to teach a newbie the joy of yarn.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. So good to see youngsters learning to knit. I started when I was 12.