Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Look Ma, No Fingers!

I adapted "Moya's Orpah-Annie Fingerless Gloves" pattern for my granddaughter, Aubrey. The gloves are made using a variety of sock yarns, giving them an eclectic, colorful look.

The work on the needles is pair of adult sized gloves, almost half-way completed, to give you an idea of size.

I seem to accumulate more yarn, patterns, needles and other accoutrements of knitting than I actually end up with in product, but reading this from the Yarn Harlot's 2009 calendar gave me comfort ~

I no longer make resolutions about my knitting. I don't say, "This year I'm going to get the stash in order" or "This year I'm going to alphabetize my patterns," and it's been many years since I swore that I would have fewer projects going a once." It's not that I've given up, since I'm not the sort, but rather that a kind of acceptance has come over me. I am a knitter. This is what it looks like. Anyone who thinks it's too much, or too messy, or too unfinished ... Well, they should just be happy that my passion is for lovely soft yarn and beautiful sweaters. After all, it could be much worse. I could have these same feelings about cabbage.

I was talking to Meaner the other day, though, and we both acknowledged that if we want to give socks as gifts for Christmas, we really need to start knitting them in January, given our lack of ability to stick with a task for long and the fact that we both have several people wanting socks. My other problem in making items for Christmas is that when I'm done with a project, I want to give it right away. I've never been known for delaying gratification, either my own or yours.

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  1. Hand knit socks are always such a hit, but I hear you about needing to start them in January to finish them in time for Christmas! I'm so sad that your sock mending has only delayed the sock holes. I don't know what I'm going to do with my holey pair.